#​322 — January 18, 2023

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Why Is My Jest Suite So Slow?Jest is known for its speed and simplicity so the author was surprised at how quickly his team’s test suite was slowing down. Some investigatory work followed and led to this writeup about the underlying problem and the improvements that slashed test running time by more than half.

Steven Lemon

Embedding Our New React UI in a Go App — Flipt serves its web application from a single binary (built in the Go language), embedding the static assets therein. Go 1.16’s native embedding set them on a journey that led to React and it works pretty well - no Next.js needed. An interesting alternative approach.

George MacRorie (Flipt)

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Async React with Next.js 13 — React is getting native async support — here’s how you can try it out right now within Next.js. Swizec gives us a quick tour.

Swizec Teller

React Native 0.71 Released — A “feature-packed release” including ‘TypeScript by default’, simplified layouts with Flexbox Gap and web-inspired props for accessibility, styles & events.

React Native Core Team

▶  Building Great Forms with React Hook Form and Zod — The first in a promised series of screencasts about not only creating and integrating forms into a React-based app, but broader issues around app creation generally. This is no bite size tip video, though, checking in at a movie-like 95 minutes.

Vlad Nicula

📗 New Book: Simplifying State Management in React Native — A comprehensive introduction to the different state management strategies available. It demonstrates various solutions and culminates with a case study of a social media clone app using all the concepts and examples covered in the book.

Aleksandra Desmurs-Linczewska

▶  Whiskey Web and Whatnot: Your New Favorite JavaScript Podcast

Whiskey Web and Whatnot sponsorpodcast

React, Vite and TypeScript: Get Started in Under Two Minutes
Juri Strumpflohner

🛠 Code and Tools

Blockman: Highlight Nested Code Blocks in VS Code — If you’re working with deeply nested code, this could be handy as it provides a more visual way to see each nested block than VS Code’s usual pale lines. If you still need convincing, there’s a ▶️ one minute introductory video.

Levan Katsadze

Inertia.js 1.0: Build SPAs for Any Backend — Inertia aims to be the ‘glue’ between various frontend libraries (React, Vue, or Svelte, say) and server-side frameworks (e.g. Rails or Laravel). If you’re already a user, here’s what’s new in 1.0.

Jonathan Reinink

Build UIs Fast with 100+ Pre-Built React Components. Start for Free

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nice-modal-react: A Modal State Manager from eBay — A zero dependency way to manage modals in a natural idiomatically React way. You can play with some demos here.


React TypeScript Form: Build Typesafe Forms Faster — Handles the boilerplate involved when building forms using Zod (a type-oriented schema validation library) and react-hook-form without sacrificing customizability.

Isaac Way

Drift: A Self-Hostable Gist / Pastebin Service — Built with Next.js 13. You can test out a running version at drift.lol.

Max Leiter


Find React Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.