#​315 — November 23, 2022

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Improving React Interaction Times by 4x — This is about as practical and real world as it gets. Causal’s engineers noticed some sluggish UI interactions in their React app (as many of us do) and were determined to get to the cause of the problem. They did it. They survived. This is the full story.

Causal Engineers

🦕 Building Apps in Deno with Frameworks.. like React — Deno, perhaps best known as the server-side JS runtime that isn’t Node, had a big release last week adding first-class npm package support. This opens up a lot of opportunities for more easily using Deno to create, say, React, Express or Vue apps, and this post shows off how. Here’s the React bit. It really is simple – well worth checking out.

Andy Jiang (Deno)

Four Ways to Style KendoReact Components — Whether just swapping out the primary color to closely reflect your brand or completely re-skinning the whole library with a custom design, KendoReact makes it easy to change the look and feel of our components with four different ways to style and theme.

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Data Structures in Frontend React Apps in the Real World — Do you need to know your trees from your maps, linked lists, or queues to work with React? You almost certainly are, even if you’re not thinking about it, and Johannes shows off some React-themed examples of several such structures here.

Johannes Kettmann


The Beginner’s Guide to React Testing — Know you should be writing React tests but don’t know where to start? Then this quick seven part (don’t worry – they’re all bitesize) guide is for you.

Max Rozen beginner

▶  How to Build a 'Friendsgiving' App with AWS Amplify StudioFriendsgiving (as an alternative to the traditional family Thanksgiving) has been around for a couple of years now. Isn’t it time there was an app for that?

Ali Spittel

How To Build React Components for Any Frontend

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How React Native Became Performant as Native with the 'New Architecture' — A peak under the hood and an explanation of React Native’s new architecture.

Taha Ouarrak

Fetching and Caching Supabase Data in Next.js 13 Server Components
Jon Meyers (Supabase)

🛠 Code and Tools

Ant Design 5.0: Enterprise-Class Design Language and React UI Library — New components, a calmer more modern styling, and improved dynamic theming options are now in this popular, mature UI suite. Already an Ant user? There’s a v4 to v5 migration guide.Official homepage.

Ant Design Team

TwClassed: Type-Safe Library for Reusable Tailwind Components — If you’d like to build components using Tailwind CSS and have them be type-safe, this is for you. Happy with vanilla JS or in React (via a wrapper). This post explains why the author created it. GitHub repo.

Sanna Jammeh

Build Custom Automations 10x Faster with Retool Workflows

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Grommet: Responsive, Accessible Mobile-First Components for React — A framework that provides accessibility, modularity, responsiveness, and theming in a tidy package. Has quite a big, bold and padded look to it.

Grommet Project

Accessible Drag and Drop in React Aria and React Spectrum — Introducing React Aria’s new drag and drop hooks that have full keyboard and screen reader parity. Not an easy thing to pull off.

Devon Govett (Adobe)

Clapy: Figma Plugin to Generate React Components from Figma Designs


react-native-quick-crypto — A fast implementation of Node’s Crypto module written in C/C++ JSI.

Margelo GmbH


UX EngineerStimulus is a social platform started by Sticker Mule to show what's possible if your mission is to increase human happiness. Join our engineering team.

Senior Frontend Engineer (EU Remote or Relocate to Berlin) — We’ve built a product thousands of people love (see Trustpilot if you don’t believe us). We need your help with React & TypeScript.

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