#​311 — October 26, 2022

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React Status

Vercel Releases Next.js 13 at Next.js ConfNext.js Conf 22 is taking place this week and Vercel’s big news all hangs off of the release of Next.js 13 which includes:

  • Support for an app/ directory to improve routing and layouts – can coexist with existing approaches, so no rapid migration needed.
  • Support for React's new Server Components architecture in app/
  • A new image component with on-demand optimization and the ability to display images without layout shift.
  • A brand new font system.
  • An Open Graph (OG) image generation library.
  • .. and something that deserves its own item – next!


Industry-Leading React Components for Web Apps — We are excited to bring you powerful React components for your web applications. Offering built-in support, our powerful UI components, Excel-like library, and reporting platform can help you deliver impressive results. Empower your developers today.

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Turbopack: A Rust-Based Successor to Webpack — A variety of new tools like Vite have appeared boasting improved performance over Webpack, but Vercel is turning up the heat with a Rust-based Webpack ‘successor’ (it shares a creator) and you can try out an alpha today from Next.js 13 (above).


Making Use of use in React - A New Hook is Coming — Last week we featured the RFC behind a new hook called use – here’s a more accessible intro. “This inconspicuous creation could forever change the way we get data into our applications.”

Tomasz Borowicz

📺 Forthright React dev-vlogger Theo has ▶️ an entertaining 10-minute screencast covering why he's excited about the latest developments.

"Why We're Breaking Up with CSS-in-JS"Emotion is a popular library for writing CSS in JavaScript but one of its contributors tells the tale of why his team has gone off the idea of CSS-in-JS in general.

Sam Magura

How We Improved React Loading Times by 70% with Next.js — By replacing Create React App with Next.js, business planning platform Causal significantly improved their user experience by reducing load times. How? Well, just a little SSR can get you a long way.

Causal Engineers


Secure Your React Applications with Snyk’s Updated Best Practices Cheatsheet

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How to Accept Payments with React and Stripe — This takes you through the complete lifecycle of activities required to implement the popular payments provider.

Reed Barger

Building a Chat App with Socket.io and React Native
Nevo David

🛠 Code and Tools

Vision Camera: Advanced Camera for React Native Apps — Can capture photos, videos, or ‘snapshots’. You can attach frame processors, control the FPS, handle smooth zooming, take HDR or night shots – there’s a lot going on, and there’s a demo app to show how to integrate it too.

Marc Rousavy

Downshift 7.0: Primitives to Build Accessible Components — Autocomplete, combo-box and ‘select’ dropdown components, in particular. It provides a set of hooks that provide the stateful logic needed to create such components which you can then lean on for WAI-ARIA compliant goodness. v7 introduces ARIA 1.2 guidelines for comboboxes and there’s a v6 to v7 migration guide.


Offline Support for React Native Is Here! Try V5 of Stream's Chat SDK

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React-Uploady 1.2: File Upload Components and Hooks — Aims to be simple but customizable. You get a file upload button, a preview, a zone for drag and drop uploads, and more. The docs are good and show off an example.

Yoav Niran

React Buddy: A Helper Plugin for JetBrains IDEs — If you’re using WebStorm or other IntelliJ-based IDEs, this plugin provides some extra tools (interactive component previewing, JSX outline view) and code generators (event handler generation, useRef generation) you might find useful.

JetBrains Marketplace

⬇ The Code & Tools section continues below these job listings :-)


Software Engineer (Security) — Join our "kick ass" team. Our software team operates from 17 countries and we're looking for more exceptional engineers to join our Security team.
Sticker Mule

Doppler - A SecretOps Platform Built by Developers for Developers — Doppler’s looking for Sr. Full-Stack Engineers to help shape the future of security devtools. TypeScript, React, Express, and Go, apply here.

Software Engineer — Join our "kick ass" team. Our software team operates from 17 countries and we're always looking for more exceptional engineers.

Find React Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

rtk-query-loader: Create Component Loaders on RTK QueryRTK Query, as in the Redux Toolkit data fetching addon. There’s a CodeSandbox demo.

Ryfylke React AS

Sakai: A New Admin Template for Next.js Apps — Here’s some documentation.