#​309 — October 12, 2022

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React Table Library: An 'Almost Headless' Table Library — Has an interesting showcase site showing off what you can do with it. It’s happy both client and server-side, supports TypeScript, and promises a ‘pleasant developer experience’ (not least by having a whole bunch of blog posts on how to use it).

Robin Wieruch

The Future of Rendering in React — This kicks off with a review of current patterns (CSR/SSR) and then moves on to some of the new rendering patterns such as streaming SSR and server components. This was also the basis of a recent talk at React Bangalore.

Prateek Surana

How To Bind Any Component to Data in React: One-Way Binding — If you want to learn more about data binding, types, how to utilize useState and useRef to bind data in React, take a look at this blog post and read on.

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A Semantic HTML Trick for React Components — Make the HTML element around a component configurable through the component’s props so that you can use the right semantic tag when needed.

Queen Raae


How to Build SVG Line Charts with React, SSR and Tailwind CSS — A tutorial on how to roll your own SVG based line charts in a server-side rendered React app based around either Next.js or Gatsby.

Paul Scanlon

Material UI in Storybook — Tips to get the most out of Material UI with Storybook
Shaun Lloyd

🛠 Code and Tools

React Modern Audio Player: Simple, Visual Audio Player — wavesurfer.js provides a waveform for seeing just what you’re playing. There’s a live Codesandbox demo to see how it looks and is used. GitHub repo.


OsmiCSX 1.0: A React Native Styling Framework — One for Tailwind CSS fans, perhaps. “We adopted the Tailwind concept and implement it for styling in React Native.”


Offline Support for React Native Is Here! Try V5 of Stream's Chat SDK

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lightGallery 2.7: Modular Image and Video Lightbox Gallery — Works with React, Vue, Angular, and TypeScript. Demos here or the GitHub repo. (Note: GPLv3 plus commercial licensing.)

Sachin N

xoid: Framework-Agnostic State Management — There is, of course, a React integration in the shape of useAtom




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Software Engineer (Security) — Join our "kick ass" team. Our software team operates from 17 countries and we're always looking for more exceptional engineers.
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