#​305 — September 14, 2022

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React Status

▶  'React 18's New State Hook You've Never Heard About' — We know videos are a hard sell, but Jack is at the top of his game right now, and this one has had rave reviews. It covers useSyncExternalStore from start to finish with a practical example and is well worth the watch. If you don’t like videos, the next item covers the same hook in written form.

Jack Herrington

useSyncExternalStore: The Underrated React APIuseSyncExternalStore (also featured above) is a hook for subscribing to external data sources. But did you know it can also be used to stop over-returning React hooks triggering needless re-renders?

Sébastien Lorber

Frontend Masters Community Sale — Celebrate new community features with $100 off a yearly membership – our first discount in over 3 years! See details.

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Why Every React Developer Should Learn Function Composition — Addressing cross-cutting concerns is often accomplished using crude and fragile copy/paste techniques. Here’s a more elegant approach.

Eric Elliott

Preact's Signals: A 'Fast-by-Default' Reactive State Primitive — They provide a reactive way of expressing state (in a natural way that feels like using plain values) such that apps stay fast regardless of complexity. It’s a Preact (a slimline React alternative) development, but it can be used with React through a monkeypatch. Note that Dan Abramov shares that the idea isn’t “very promising” for React’s future road map for various reasons.

Preact Team


The Basics of Remix — Remix is an up and coming full stack Web framework with a lot of neat ideas. This introduction covers all the basics of handling routing, form handling, headers, meta tags and links to get you up and running.

Brittney Postma

A React 'Bug' (Of Sorts..) — The details HTML element doesn’t seem to play well when used as a controlled component in React, as pointed out in this open GitHub issue. A quirk to be aware of.

Phelipe Teles

Simple React Scroll Animations with Zero Dependencies — In three straightforward steps, this shows you how to trigger fade- or float-in animations during scrolling using nothing but hooks, CSS and the Intersection Observer API.

Bret Cameron

The Orton Effect: 'Dreamy' Looking Photos with CSS and React — Named after Canadian landscape photographer Michael Orton, this image effect creates a surreal, dream-like result.

Mike Bifulco

Why Create React App is 'Outdated' in 2022? — (Spoiler: It’s still fine, but there are now more context-specific options to consider.)
Collin Pfeifer

When to Use useImperativeHandle and forwardRefs in React 18
Sameer Kumar


Full-Stack Engineer (NYC / Remote) — 100M+ devices, 100B+ API calls. Radar is looking for Product Engineers to build geospatial dev tools.

Find React Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

🛠 Code and Tools

React Router 6.4: Bringing in the Remix Features — The latest release of the popular router adds data loading, data mutation, pending navigation, and error handling APIs from Remix, bringing them to every React Router app.

Ryan Florence.

React Grid Gallery 1.0: An Image Gallery Component — Inspired by Google Photos. There are several good demos to see, and you can integrate it with a lightbox component if needed. GitHub repo.

Ben Howell

Seamlessly Add Chat and Activity Feeds to Your Applications

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Radix Icons: A Crisp Set of 15×15 SVG Icons — Copy any icon directly in inline SVG format or download for Figma, Sketch, or as individual React components.