#​293 — June 15, 2022

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React Status

▶  Zen and the Art of Building a Gmail-like UI with React Native — We see a lot of screencasts and it’s safe to say we’ve never seen one like this: it features super-high production values, no spoken words and is shot on location at Koshoji Temple in Japan. It’s a treat to watch.

Takuya Matsuyama

Bulletproof React: A Scalable Architecture for Building Production-Ready React Apps — We casually mentioned this a year ago but it’s had updates and deserves another look. This isn’t a boilerplate app or framework but an opinionated guide showing how you could structure a large scale React app if you are lacking for inspiration.

Alan Alickovic

Build Better Chat Faster With The Sendbird React UIKit — The new Sendbird Chat UIKit is easy-to-use and more customizable. Enable the best chat experience in your app with a free 30-day trial. Beyond 30 days, keep innovating for free with our developer plan.

Sendbird sponsor

Component Encyclopedia: A Catalog of 5000+ UI ComponentsStorybook, a popular UI component devtool, has unveiled a visual catalog of over 5,000 components (not all React, but largely) from all corners of the Web – you don’t need to be a Storybook user to take advantage of this as links to repos and demos are provided in each case.

Dominic Nguyen (Storybook)

Quick bits:

  • 📅 React Brussels is taking place this October both in Belgium and online.

  • 📝 Component Party is a sort of Rosetta Stone for comparing simple code examples between React, Svelte, Vue, Angular, and similar frameworks.

  • 🤑 The company behind Refine, a React-based framework for building internal tools quickly, has raised $1m in seed funding to continue work on the project.

'How I Created a Desktop Productivity App with React and Rust' — This is a neat idea. Amine wanted to have an extremely light weight way to take quick notes while in the middle of other tasks and brought together React with the Rust-based Tauri to make it happen.

Amine Ben Hammou


Find React Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

Element vs Component vs Instance — Code heavy demonstrations of the distinction between the meaning of an element, component or instance in React, before looking at how they tie together.

Robin Wieruch

'How We Reduced Bugs in Our React Codebase' — A thorough examination of three unexpected code behaviours in React which are then addressed by identifying and understanding their underlying patterns and anti-patterns.

Darshita Chaturvedi and Shyam Swaroop

🛠 Code and Tools

react-sketch-canvas: Freehand Vector Drawing Component — A feature-complete drawing component which uses SVG for the canvas. To help decide whether it’s a fit for your project, take it for a test drive.

Vinoth Pandian

React Switch 7.0: A Draggable Toggle Switch Component — Supports custom styling, is touch friendly, plus accessibility-friendly features. Demos here.

Markus Englund

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react-cmdk: A Command Palette Component for React — Customizable for building advanced functionality and you can give it a test run right on the page by hitting CMD/CTRL-K. GitHub repo. Similar to kbar we featured recently.

Albin Groen

Fourier Series Animation: Using the Fourier Series to Approximate Line Drawings — A neat little demo and of course there’s source.

Jason Wang

⚡️ Quick Bits:

react-timeago — Takes any date and expresses it in relation to the current date, such as “6 days ago”, with support for a large number of spoken languages.

react-easy-crop — Crop images with easy, intuitive interactions.

rc-image — Image component abstracted from its Ant Design context.