#​276 — February 16, 2022

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🎉 We've noticed React Status has just passed 50,000 subscribers – thanks to all of you for your support over the years! By the way, don't forget to hit reply and send us any links to things to include in future issues – it's always appreciated :-)
Peter Cooper and Terence Gannon, your editors

React Status
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A Deep Dive into React Native’s New Architecture — A new architecture for React Native is being rolled out in 2022, as described in this post from the React Native team. Here are some independent observations.

Atharva Patil

Some Reasons to Dislike React Hooks? — Amazingly, hooks have been with us for three years(!) this month (since React 16.8) and they’re now an integral part of the React landscape. However, there’s always room for a little introspection regarding their potential weaknesses.

Daniel Rotter

The Truth Is in the Code: Fixing Vulnerabilities with Sourcegraph — Remediate vulnerabilities with confidence knowing you found every instance of affected code and track your remediation initiatives to completion with automated fixes and pull requests. With Sourcegraph, timely resolution is a search away.

Sourcegraph sponsor

Calling Windows APIs from React Native Just Got Easier — The just-announced React Native WinRT project will enable devs to call Windows Runtime APIs directly from JavaScript. So what can you do with that? How about the Windows 11 Settings page for example.

Angela Zhang (Microsoft)

🎧  The React Show: A React Podcast — This podcast is now 37 episodes old and has already covered a wide variety of React topics. The roughly 60-90 minute format provides plenty of opportunity to cover topics in-depth, with the latest episode covering React’s Fiber reconciliation mechanism.

Owl Creek Studio podcast

The React Beginner's Guide for 2022 — With 276 issues under our belt and over 50,000 subscribers, it’s easy to forget that each issue is read by at least a few who are just getting started with React. This guide provides the basics to get you going.

Reed Barger


Director of Engineering @ ButterCMS (Remote) — Working closely with our founder and CEO, you’ll own all technology, deliver on our roadmap, and most importantly, ensure that our customers are successful.

AI & Software Engineers — Sticker Mule is the Internet's most "kick ass" brand. Our software team operates from 17 countries, and we're always looking for more exceptional engineers.
Sticker Mule

Join the World’s Largest Remote Workforce — We offer the freedom of freelance with the security of full-time. Start working remotely with the world’s top clients today.

 If Meta/Facebook 'Dies', Might React Follow? — An interesting, open-ended discussion that at least started with this fairly deterministic question, but quickly morphed into a reasonably elevated discussion of the wide variety of future, potential problems for Meta and how those bear (or not) on the future of React.

Hacker News

A Better Way to Handle State with Immer
Nivetha Krishnan

Comparing and Contrasting React’s useState and useReducer Hooks
Tasos Kakouris

🛠 Code and Tools

React95 3.11: Windows 95-Style UI Components for React — A fun set of Windows 95 themed UI components for React apps and built with styled-components. Enjoy their very retro homepage. Of course, we had to celebrate this 3.11 release in homage to Windows 3.11!

Artur Bień

Griffel: CSS-in-JS with Ahead-of-Time Compilation — From Microsoft, another option for a CSS-in-JS solution. This one boasts near-zero runtime, SSR support, and styles defined with JS objects, among other features.


Slinky: Write React Apps in Scala — Take advantage of the object-oriented and functional programming capabilities of the flexible JVM-oriented Scala language within React.

Shadaj Laddad

How Content Migration to Headless CMS Could Be Your Last

Kontent by Kentico sponsor

react-tree: A Hierarchical Object Tree Component for ReactTry a demo here. Supports dark, light, and custom themes, and multiple widths.

Naisu Technology Co.

React Stripe.js: React Components for Stripe.js and Stripe Elements


react-native-progress: SVG-based Progress Indicators and Spinners for React Native

Joel Arvidsson

⚡️ Quick Bits:

react-search-autocomplete — Customisable search box with autocomplete based on fuzzy search and filtered results.

react-canvas-confetti — Just a few days late for the Super Bowl..

easytimer-react-hook — Configure a stopwatch or countdown timer.

react-hydration-on-demand — Hydrate React components only when needed.

react-custom-flag-select — Display a national flag as well as a description in a select control.