#​274 — February 2, 2022

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▶  The Story of React (in 10 Minutes) — If you find yourself at the beginning of the React learning curve, it will be valuable to get a short recap of how it got to where it is today, or maybe you just want to be entertained? ;-) This video gets us up to speed with React's background.


Look for These React Trends in 2022 — The author takes a look at what they feel will be important in the coming year: Remix, server-side rendering, concurrent rendering, behaviour testing as well as some 'honorable mentions'.

Chak Shun Yu

Free Activity Feeds & Chat APIs for Qualifying Teams — The Stream Maker Account provides qualifying teams with full and free access to Stream's Chat and Activity Feed APIs, making them accessible to side projects and new startups.

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Two Key Releases:

  • Recoil 0.6 has been released with improved React 18 support.

  • Want to use Markdown in JSX? MDX 2.0 has been released and makes it easier than ever with improved syntax, JavaScript expression support, and more.

How to Write Performant React Code — Although the author acknowledges the potential perils of ‘premature optimisation’, she says some such optimizations are a good thing when it comes to React and presses ahead with a series of examples.

Nadia Makarevich

Building Animations in React Native with Accessibility in Mind — The goal for Seer Medical’s mobile app was to provide a compelling, animated user interface while keeping in mind the specific accessibility requirements of its intended audience—people with epilepsy.

Marton Bodonyi


Join a Fast-Growing, Pre-IPO Series E Company — Hinge Health is hiring remote React Native engineers. If you want to be a part of a team that is making a difference, apply here.
Hinge Health

Senior Web Developer (Node/ReactJS) - Remote — Millions get inspired and plan adventures with our apps. To help us make komoot.com the place to go to plan outdoor adventures, we’re looking for a one of a kind Web Developer to join our team.

Toptal: The World’s Top Companies at Your Fingertips — We connect developers like you with exclusive clients that include Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups. Apply now.

Understanding React Lifecycles — The author deconstructs the three phases of React components’ lifecycle: mounting (insertion into DOM), update and unmounting (removal from DOM) and goes on to describe the methods appropriate for each.

Fernando Belotto

Automatic Batching in React 18 — With React 18 in beta, it’s timely to examine features which distinguish it from previous releases: Automatic Batching portends fewer needless renders.

Lakindu Hewawasam

🛠 Code and Tools

Ninja Keys: A Utility to Add Keyboard Shortcuts Interface to a Site — Will display a ‘drawer’ with shortcut key options for the app/page, available in plain JS, Vue, React, and Svelte. Try it here. We like it.

Sergei Sleptsov

React-PDF 5.7: Display PDFs in a React App As Easily As If They Were Images — This big update adds support for React 18.

Wojciech Maj

Find, Fix, & Track Vulnerable Code Quickly Across Your Entire Codebase

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react-waves-effect: Subtle Animations for Buttons — These low-key animations will enliven screen interactions and potentially make an interface more pleasant to use. The demo clearly illustrates them.

Leulseged Tariku (LeulAria)

Geist: A Modern and Minimalist React UI Library — Design inspired by Vercel and includes 50+ categorized components that you can view here on the documentation site.


styled-jsx 5.0: Full CSS Support for JSX Without Compromises — Full, scoped and component-friendly CSS support for JSX (rendered on the server or the client).


React Mentions: To @mention People in a Textarea Field — Use this to replicate the Facebook/Twitter-style mentioning effect within text fields. Live demos here.

Signavio GmbH

Six React Data Visualization Libraries to Consider

⚡️ Quick Bits:

pure-react-carousel — Finally, a carousel that doesn’t try to impose its own structure or styles.

react-browser-navigator — Access the Navigator interface from React as shown in their demo.

react-native-onboarding-swiper — Let your app’s new users to swipe their way through the onboarding steps.

react-native-imask — Stop bad data from getting further than the input field.