#​239 — May 19, 2021

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ReacType 7.0: A Visual Prototyping Tool for React Developers — The popular drag-and-drop React prototyping tool with code preview is now in its seventh major release. Kevin Park has written an extensive article on it which provides an in-depth review of its capabilities.


React Color Picker Deconstructed — Perhaps you’re satisfiied with just dragging a color picker component into your app. But if you really want to understand what actually goes into this seemingly simple but actually quite complex sort of control, here you can dig into the details.

Lorenzo Pepe

Guide to Building a UI Library: Building Robust Components — In his blog series, TJ VanToll shares what he’s learned from over a decade of writing and working with UI components for the web. This article focuses on building robust UI components, complete with unit tests and excellent documentation. Read more.

Progress KendoReact sponsor

You Can Now Host Next.js SSR Apps on AWS Amplify — Amplify has added support for continuously deploying server-side rendering (SSR) apps built with the Next.js React framework.

Kyle Lee (Amazon Web Services)

Amazing New Features in React Router v6 — A review (with examples) of the four new APIs found in the new version of React Router which you may want to incorporate into your next project.

Rishav Ghosh

Recoil 0.3 Released — The alternative state management library for React that comes out of Facebook (but not the React team itself).


Why We Switched from Webpack to Vite — If you feel Create React App and Webpack have become too bulked up, cumbersome and inefficient, there’s a new React template from Replit (the in-browser IDE folks) which you may want to try with Vite instead if you're a user.

Sergei Chestakov (Replit)


Full-Stack Software Engineer — We are looking for passionate Software Development Engineers to help design, develop and deploy software for our solutions.
Marks and Spencer (M&S)

Find React Jobs with Hired — Take 5 minutes to build your free profile & start getting interviews for your next job. Companies on Hired are actively hiring right now.

📘 Tutorials and Stories

Building Portable Apps with Go and Next.js — It’s not often we get to see Go and JavaScript come together, but the idea here is that you can use Go’s new static embedding functionality to build a self-contained Go app that serves a Next-powered app all in one.

David Stotijn

A Visual Guide to React Mental Models — Different people learn in different ways, but good mental models are always valuable and can be helpful if you need to juggle all of the pieces involved in a framework like React. We linked this back in 2020 but it’s doing the rounds on social again and is a good’un :-)

Obed Parlapiano

How to Type a React Form onSubmit Handler — Write clearer, cleaner code by saying goodbye to all those type casts.

Kent C. Dodds

Blog Post: Choosing the Right React Form Library for Your Next Project

Retool sponsor

How to Make Performant Animations in React Native with Reanimated — Improve mobile app animation performance by taking it off the main JavaScript thread and giving it to the UI thread instead.

The Around25 Blog

▶  Let's Talk urql: A Highly Customizable and Versatile GraphQL Client — Brian and his guest Phil Pluckthun of Formidable Labs chat about what Phil calls ‘the third GraphQL client’ after Apollo and Relay.

Open Source Friday with Brian Douglas (bdougieYO)

Build a Music Streaming App like Spotify with React Native — Another instalment in this informal series that starts with a relatable case study and then proceeds through a rigorous step-by-step tutorial.

Sara Khan

🛠 Code and Tools

UI Kitten: Compelling Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with React Native — Based on the Eva Design System, this library claims a consisent and scalable design development process along with themes which can be dynamically changed at runtime.


React Simple Keyboard 3.1: A Customizable Keyboard Control — It can take a bit of imagination to see the use for such keyboards (kiosks, maybe?) but this is one of the smoothest looking such components I’ve seen nonetheless. Comes with a complete and compelling demo.

Francisco Hodge

New Mobile Chat Kit From Stream — Chat UI & SDKs for Figma, Sketch, Flutter, React Native, iOS, & Android. The UI includes flexible assets for creating customized, scalable, and beautiful in-app chat experiences.

Stream sponsor

Stripe React Native SDK: 'Delightful' Mobile Payment Processing — The official mobile app code provided by Stripe online payment processor.


nextjs-auth0: One Stop Access Management for Next.js — Abstract away your authentication and authorization burden so you can focus on more impactful and differentiating features.


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