#232 — March 31, 2021

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Getting Started with React and D3.js — If you have been putting off incorporating D3 into your projects because of the visualization library’s reputation for being difficult to learn, here’s a well-paced (and somehow beautiful!) intro to get your efforts underway.

Amelia Wattenberger

Next.js 10.1 Released — In theory it’s a minor release but there’s lots that’s exciting: faster refreshes, easier installation, Apple M1 support (for `next/image`), Shopify integration, custom 500 pages, and more.


Free Chat & Activity Feed APIs for Qualifying Teams — The Stream Maker Account provides qualifying teams with full and free access to Stream's Chat and Activity Feed APIs, making them accessible to side projects and new startups. No credit card is required.

Stream sponsor

React Context for Dependency Injection, Not State Management'Don’t think of React Context as “a way to manage React state”. Think of it as “a way to manage React dependencies”. When you have some bit of code that isn’t necessarily dependent on React, consider extracting it and perhaps even injecting it with the React Context API.'

Tommy Groshong

How React Isn't 'Reactive' (and Why You Shouldn't Care) — The author defines reactive programming as “a declarative programming paradigm built on data-centric event emitters” and then goes on to explain why React really doesn’t do that. Unsurprisingly, this one provoked a lot of comments.

Ryan Carniato

React Native 0.64 Brings the Hermes JavaScript Engine to iOS — Heretofore available only for Android, the new release of React Native makes the fast and efficient Hermes available on iOS as well. Includes tips on how to make the implementation easier.

Sergio De Simone

💻 Jobs

Find React Jobs with Hired — Take 5 minutes to build your free profile & start getting interviews for your next job. Companies on Hired are actively hiring right now.


📘 Tutorials and Stories

How to Improve Rendering Performance in a 1,000-Item React List — Pragmatic, prescriptive recommendations for efficiently handling large amounts of data on limited screen real estate. In related news, GitHub tried a React-based approach here for their log displays and ended up rolling their own vanilla library.

Mohammad Faisal

Tips for Typing React Components with TypeScript — A fan of Microsoft’s TypeScript provides three specific cases why you should consider using it in your next React project.

Maciek Wątroba

Oktane21: Free Identity Conference

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Passing Icons as Props in a Consistent Way Using React — If you have multiple developers working on a common codebase, here’s a clearly defined method for handling icons so they appear in a consistent way in the UI.

Ozzie Neher

▶  Getting Hooked On React — Part 2 — Hosts Allie, Emma, Kelly and Sydney engage in a very accessible and entertaining discussion on React at an intermediate level. If you’re just starting out, you may want to listen to Part 1 before you start in on this episode.

Ladybug Podcast podcast

🛠 Code and Tools

Atomos: A New Recoil Visualization Tool Powered by React Flow — In addition to the stated real-time visualization, it also provides planning and debugging tools for Recoil state management. It’s based on visualizations provided by the React Flow node editor and diagramming library.

Cole Redfearn

react-native-numpad: A Number Pad Component for React Native — Optimized for updating multiple number inputs. Has no dependencies and is JavaScript only with no native code.

Chris Roth

Spearmint.js: Generate React Tests Using a Simple GUI — We’re in favor of anything that makes the necessary-but-tiresome task of creating a comprehensive test suite for your app a little easier.


A Better Way to Build Internal Tools — Build internal apps without the mundane, boring bits (wrestling with UI libraries or hacking together data sources & APIs).

Retool sponsor

next-i18next: The 'Remaining' i18n Functionality for Next.js — Did you know that only 28% of the world uses English to communicate? Here’s some help getting to the other 72% of your potential users.

Isaac Hinman

ReacType 6.0: Your Favorite React Prototyping Tool Just Got Social — A quick introduction to ReacType’s Dashboard, the new feature in 6.0 designed specifically to enable sharing ReacType templates.

Elena Conn

rc-table: A Mature, Robust Table Component — Now in its seventh major release. Demo here.

Ant Design

Callbag JSX: A Minimalist UI Library — This isn't React but looks and feels a lot like it. It uses a different approach under the hood in an attempt to get extra performance and may interest the more experimental among you.

Eugene Ghanizadeh

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