#179 — March 11, 2020

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RedwoodJS: Bringing Full-Stack to the JAMstack — A new, opinionated framework that combines React, GraphQL, Prisma2, and lots more out of the box. Notably it comes from Tom Preston-Werner, one of the original founders of GitHub and the creator of Gravatar.


React Table 7.0 Released: Hooks for Building Fast, Extendable Tables and Datagrids — A significant release based on a year’s worth of work in refactoring things over to a hooks-only ‘headless’ approach. You’d use this as a foundation when building your own tables and datagrid components. From the creator of React Query and React Form. Source and sandbox examples here.

Tanner Linsley

New Course: State Management in Pure React, v2 — The root of most performance and maintainability issues in large React apps is often how you manage your state. This course focuses on pure React APIs such as hooks, context, useReducer, and custom hooks.

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Next.js 9.3 Released — A minor point release of the popular Next framework can’t be a big deal, right? Wrong – the all new ‘Preview Mode’, smaller runtime, and new static site generation options really take things up a notch while still not introducing any breaking changes.

Next Team

The Official Redux+TS Template for Create React App — Three weeks ago, we featured Mark’s work on v1.0 of the official Redux template for Create React App, and now he’s gone one step further.. a TypeScript variant of such.

Mark Erikson

💻 Jobs

React + Rails Experts — Join Our Bootsrapped Remote Team — Aha! is primarily a Rails application, but we are using React to make excellent interactive experiences on top of Rails.


Find a Dev Job Through Vettery — Vettery is completely free for job seekers. Make a profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers.


📘 Tutorials and Stories

Are React Single File Components Here?“I think React SFCs will reach standardization in the near future and it is worth discussing now as a standalone post.”

Shawn 'swyx' Wang

Should I useState or useReducer? — Two built-in React hooks that handle state.. but which should you use? An update on a post from last year.

Kent C Dodds

▶  Deep Dive into Redux Toolkit with React: A Complete Guide — A few weeks ago we linked to the introduction of this but now there’s a whole 3 hour long course on YouTube.. enjoy.

Justin Kim

Using Redux with React: A Complete Tutorial with Real-World Examples — And if you prefer written tutorials, this is for you.

Tania Rascia

31 Days of #MarchMediaMadness. New Cloudinary Challenges, Win Daily

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Five Tips to Improve the Performance of Your React Apps

William Le

Seven Reasons Why I’m Betting on React Native

Sonny Recio

🔧 Code and Tools

react-google-flight-datepicker: React Date Picker Inspired by Google Flight — It has a rather cumbersome name but the actual control is pretty neat. GitHub repo.

David Tran and Leo Phan

React NodeGUI: Build Native, Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with React — A system that takes a different approach to React Native, say, by using the long established Qt widget toolkit. The project creators admit it’s still early days, though, and only for ‘smaller projects’ for now.


Axe Pro Beta: Free Accessibility Testing Tool Created for Dev Teams — Unique mix of guided & automated tests. Manage multiple tests, limit the scope of your testing, export results, and more.

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React Calendar 3.0: The 'Ultimate' Calendar for Your React App — A popular, simple-styled calendar component for React apps, focused mostly on letting users pick dates. v3.0 release notes.

Wojciech Maj

react-crossword: A Responsive Crossword Component — I’m hugely biased here as a crossword aficionado but it looks pretty good if you need to render them. Demos and example code here.

Jared Reisinger

Devtools for React Query — Tool for the React Query hooks library that lets you view the cache, inspect objects, manually refetch and remove queries, and more.

Tanner Linsley

Sup: A Slack Client with a WhatsApp-Like UI — An interesting example of a React Native (and React Native Web) app codebase.

Alireza Rezania

WatermelonDB 0.16.0: A High Perf, Reactive Database for React and React Native Apps — We linked this when it first came out but it’s come a long way since.