#154 — September 4, 2019

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Reactive Search 3.0: UI Components for Building Search UIs — Reactive Search offers a standardized array of common search UI components designed to use with Elasticsearch on the backend. There’s a lot to digest in this release, with things like GraphQL support and voice search making an appearance.

Siddharth Kothari

📕 20 Patterns to Watch for in Engineering Teams — GitPrime's new book draws together some of the most common software team dynamics, observed in working with hundreds of enterprise engineering organizations. Actionable insights to help you debug your development process with data. Get your copy.

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▶  21 Talks from React Rally 2019 — The React Rally event took place in Salt Lake City just two week ago but already lots of the talks are up and ready to watch. We’re going to link to more of them as we review them, but highlights include:

Kent C. Dodds

The Case for the React Native Web 'Singularity'? — After looking at React Native Web, a project for bringing React Native components and APIs to the browser, Shawn began to wonder.. what if React Native became a better option for building Web experiences than regular React!?

Shawn Wang

The Story of a V8 Performance Cliff in React — A look at how V8 chooses optimal in-memory representations for various JavaScript values, and how that impacts the shape machinery (all of which helps explain a recent V8 performance cliff in React core).

Benedikt Meurer and Mathias Bynens

💻 Jobs

React Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers. Work from anywhere with the world's leading brands.


Get Hired Based on Your Skills Not Your CV — Our AI makes it easier and quicker to match with top React jobs, with no recruiters and an average salary of £70k.


📘 Tutorials and Stories

Building a Snake Game with react-native-game-engine — There’s a 45 minute screencast too, if you prefer.

Tamas Szikszai

How to Implement useState with useReducer — An exercise to help understand the differences and use cases of these two related hooks.

Kent C Dodds

Managing Multiple Environments with AWS Amplify — If AWS Amplify is for you, you might also like Jan’s other recent posts about setting up an Amplify project with CI/CD and end-to-end testing of Amplify apps.

Jan Hesters

Join us at JAMstack Conf SF, Oct 16-18. Early Bird Prices End Sept 16 — Learn how to build your web project for speed and scale on the JAMstack with Chris Coyier, Nicole Sullivan & more.

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The Only Introduction to Redux (and React-Redux) You’ll Ever Need — I think the title over-promises a little, but.. it’s a pretty clear and simple explanation of Redux and React-Redux, and perhaps better suited to you if you’re just beginning to explore Redux.

Hristijan Stevanoski

▶  Is React Translated Yet? — An update on the progress behind getting React’s documentation translated into as many languages as possible and what’s involved in localizing the React project generally.

Nat Alison

▶  The Benefits of Using TypeScript with React — A brief, six minute example of a debugging scenario comparing the non-TypeScript vs TypeScript experience.

Carl Rippon

🔧 Code and Tools

react-day-picker: A Flexible Date Picker Component — No external dependencies. Fully customizable, with ARIA support. There are lots of live examples with code samples here.

Giampaolo Bellavite

React Navigation 4.0: Routing and Navigation for React Native Apps — There’s no official blog post yet, but this is the first major release of the popular native navigation library this year.

React Navigation

Send Data to Any Analytics Tool Without Having to Implement a New API

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React Static 7.2: A Progressive Static Site Generator

React Static

Material-UI 4.4: Google Material Design-Inspired React Components


React Gradient Progress: Simple Light Circular Progress Bars — A very simple, gradient-colored circular progress indicator component.

Prasanna Mestha