#122 — January 23, 2019

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Creating Interactive Text Animations with React Hooks — A fun bit of experimentation with React Hooks, CSS Modules, CSS variables and clip-path in order to animate headings that respond to pointer movements.

Aditya Agarwal

Don’t 'Eject' Your Create React AppEjecting is the one-way process of turning an app running on Create React App into a standalone app you have full control over, but Adam argues you probably don’t want to do this.

Adam Laycock

Building iOS and Android Apps with the MongoDB Stitch React Native SDK — Want to create a single app that works on web, iOS, and Android? Create this MongoDB Stitch and React Native app for your self.

MongoDB sponsor

A Complete React Boilerplate Tutorial: From Zero to Hero — There are numerous ‘boilerplate’ projects to help you start React projects more quickly, but how could you approach building your own?

Leonardo Maldonado

How React Native Constructs App Layouts (and How Fabric Is About to Change It) — The internals around how React Native communicates with the host OS are changing significantly - this project is codenamed ‘Fabric’ and this post explains how things work now and in future.

Mehul Mohan

React Manager Sophie Alpert Has Left Facebook — A long-time React contributor and manager has left Facebook after, this report claims, being harassed for expressing criticism over diversity issues. She will continue contributing to React, however.


💻 React Jobs

Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

An Glossary of Terms in React Native's New Architecture — The React Native team are working on a new architecture for the project, but what do terms like ‘the bridge’ or ‘fabric’ mean? Learn a bit more here.

Parashuram N

Getting Started with GraphQL, React and Apollo Client — Learn how to fetch and update data from a GraphQL API in React apps by using the popular Apollo Client.

Sai Gowtham

Full-Stack & React Essentials: 5-day Intensive Class — Taking place from Feb 25 in Atlanta, GA. Register now.

Big Nerd Ranch sponsor

Keeping A React Design System Consistent — How we use visual regression testing to save time and headaches.

Malcolm Laing

Why I Don’t Use React Router“While I’m sure React-Router works quite well for a lot of people, I’ve always disliked working with React-Router. I’ll try to summarize my reasons..”

Balaganesh Damodaran

Redux with Code-Splitting and Type Checking“And while you’re working on code splitting, how do you get it to play nicely with TypeScript so that you can trust what’s going in and coming out of the store?”

Matthew Gerstman

📈Data-Driven Guide to Engineering Leadership

GitPrime sponsor

How To Set Focus On Input After Render In React 16

Artemij Fedosejev

🔧 Code

Redux Starter Kit: A Set of Tools to Make using Redux Easier — A toolkit in the spirit of create-react-app for making configuring and working with Redux easier. As of this week, it uses TypeScript too.


Slate: A Framework for Building Rich Browser-Based Text Editors — A flexible, plugin-driven framework for building rich, intuitive editors. “You can think of it like a pluggable implementation of contenteditable built on top of React and Immutable.” Play with all the live demos here.

Ian Storm Taylor

react-retro-hit-counter: A 90s-Style Hit Counter Component — People keep saying they want the 90s culture of personal homepages to return, so why not? Also has a beautiful demo site.

Joshua Comeau

react-page-progress: Track User Progress Through a Page As They Scroll — A bar that goes across the top of the browser, say. Demo here.

Noman Gul

use-dark-mode: A React Hook to Help You Implement a 'Dark Mode' Component

Donavon West