#100 — August 10, 2018

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react status

react-day-picker: A Flexible Date Picker Component — No external dependencies. Fully customizable, with ARIA support. There are lots of live examples here.

Giampaolo Bellavite

'I Created The Exact Same App in React and Vue. Here Are The Differences.' — A developer went through the process of implementing the same app with React and Vue to get a feel for how they differ - if you fancy learning what he did without doing it for yourself, this is a must read.

Sunil Sandhu

Stop Tedious Integrations. Track Data Once, Send Anywhere — Add Segment to your app and send event data to any tool without having to learn, test, or implement a new API every time.

Segment sponsor

A Scalable File Structure for React and Other Projects — The co-author of Redux’s advise on file structure for React apps is surprisingly short and sweet: do what feels right.

Dan Abramov on Twitter

▶  The State of React Native, Five Years In — At around five years old, here’s a look at the current state of play for React Native. Upcoming changes are also covered.

Ram N

A Tour of React's Render Props Pattern — By way of a tutorial focused on building a currency conversion tool you’ll get to learn everything about React’s render prop pattern.

Robin Wieruch

Using Data in React with the Fetch API and Axios — As you build React apps, you will run into lots of scenarios where you want to handle data from an API — here’s a look at how.

Kingsley Silas

💻 React Jobs

Build High Quality Open-Source at Uber (San Francisco) — As a Web Platform engineer at Uber, you'll be building the foundation for all web applications at Uber and beyond.


Find A React Job Through Vettery — Create a profile to connect with 4,000+ companies seeking top tech talent.


📘 Tutorials

React OAuth Authentication with Firebase — Building a React app with Firebase to consume OAuth Authentication with GitHub, Twitter and Facebook.

Esau Silva

Pass Multiple Children to a React Component with Slots — You can pass JSX into any prop, not only the one named children, and not only by nesting JSX inside a component’s tag — and it can simplify data passing and make components more reusable.

Dave Ceddia

Build a Netflix Style Video Delivery Platform — Play videos at the same quality & speed as Netflix & YouTube. API clients for all major languages.

Bitmovin sponsor

How to Pass Props to Components in React“Everyone who is new to React is confused by these so called props, because they are never mentioned in any other web framework, and rarely explained on their own.”

Robin Wieruch

How to Display a List in React — You’ve got a list of items you want to appear on screen, but what’s the “React way” to do this?

Dave Ceddia

Reduce Unit Test Boilerplate with Jest’s .each Syntax

Marios Fakiolas

▶  10 Things to Know About ES6 Before Learning React — Some ES6 features to know before learning React, such as arrow functions, rest parameters and template literals

Carlos Mafla

🔧 Code

▶  An Introduction to React Form Validation with HocFormAssociated repo here.


react-loadable: A Higher Order Component for Loading Components with PromisesVersion 5.5.0 just dropped.

Jamie Kyle

React Timekeeper: A Google-Inspired Time Selector — Based on the style of the Android Google Keep app.

Catalin Covic

Move Fast and Fix Stuff. Over 500K Developers Fix Errors with Sentry

Sentry sponsor

ReactSimpleFlexGrid: Quickly Add a Flexbox-Based Grid Layout to Your App

Nikita Abraztsov

react-window: Components for Efficiently Rendering Large Lists and Tabular Data

Brian Vaughn

react-image-appear: A Component to Show a Loading Animation as an Image Loads

Arun Michael Dsouza