#​393 — July 17, 2024

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What React Devs Need to Know About React Native — While React and React Native share many similarities, they’re pretty different under the hood. Here’s some of what you need to know to either make the transition, or at least be more informed on where React Native and Expo fit into the big picture.

Kadi Kraman (Expo)

▶  Why Use Redux Today? — The maintainer of the popular Redux state management library gave a talk at React Summit 2024 giving a thorough introduction to the history of Redux, how it grew, and the benefits it continues to provide. There are detailed slides if you’d prefer not to watch a video.

Mark Erikson

Level Up Your Next.js Skills — Join Scott Moss for this detailed video course on intermediate Next.js. Learn how to build production-ready apps by diving into concepts such as server actions, data fetching, protected routes, form authentication, performance caching, and more.

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▶  Migrating Coinbase's 56 Million Users to React Native — An interview with Nick Cherry, a React Native developer at Coinbase, about the company’s efforts in transitioning their apps from native to React Native. (43 minutes.)

Harry Tormey

💡 Along similar lines, Incident․io has written about their experiences building a new on-call app with React Native and share their insights about Expo.


How to Deploy Your React App Using Container Registry — DigitalOcean’s commercial alternative to deploying React apps by creating a Docker image, pushing it to their Container Registry and then deploying it using one of their 'droplet' VMs.

Ravish Ahmad Khan and Anish Singh Walia (DigitalOcean)

🎧 React Compiler: A Conversation with Sathya Gunasekaran and Joe Savona – Two key members of the React core team discuss the latest developments. PodRocket Podcast

📺 Re-Implementing React (TanStack) Query from Scratch – Get a deeper understanding in just 14 minutes. Philip Fabianek

📄 React Form Button – How to use a form button to trigger a server action in a Server Component without any form fields or form data. Robin Wieruch

📄 5 Important Principles About Hooks Worth Knowing Inna Sinicka

🛠  Code, Tools & Libraries

xr 6.0: Make React Three Fiber Apps into Immersive ExperiencesReact Three Fiber is a React renderer for Three.js that makes it easy to create 3D experiences with React. xr takes it a step further into the world of VR and augmented reality. GitHub repo.

Bela Bohlender

React CodeMirror: A CodeMirror Editor ComponentCodeMirror is a popular JavaScript code editor component – this makes it easier to use from React apps. The homepage has a complete and customizable demo showing off the potential. GitHub repo.


📰 Classifieds

🦑 React Rally is back! Aug 12-14 Park City UT, workshops, learning, and networking. Use discount code ReactStatus for 25% off.

🛠️ A bad LCP score might be a backend issue. Learn how to use tracing to debug a bad LCP score in React with our step by step guide.

Your fastest path to production. With Render, you can build, deploy, and scale your apps with unparalleled ease – from your first user to your billionth.

InfiniteGrid 4.12: Arrange Card Elements Infinitely in a Grid Layout — A mature and established way to create grids formed of card elements of varying sizes. Happy on both desktop and mobile and has integrations for React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, and others. GitHub repo.


MDXEditor 3.8: A Rich Markdown Editor Component — A Lexical-powered Markdown editor for React apps. The live demo shows off what you need to see.

Petyo Ivanov